Dear Listeners, 

Thank you for the out pouring of Support and Positivity! It's Listeners just like you who make this station's mission possible. If you have a story to share with us how our music has impacted you life, let us know


My daughter and I just did high 5’s when we heard you play one of the new Skillet songs on the radio. That’s the first Skillet song we have heard since the programming change. Keep up the good work!
- J. H. 08/20/2013

My favorite station. Love it.

My story is sad...still I'm happy because I have God in my life. My favorite songs are "I can only imagine" and "I praise You in the Storm". I love Christian music - that's why I connect brings peace to my soul and happiness to my life.

My favorite Bible verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:18. In my darkest hour on May 18, 2008 my teenage son and his friend died in a car accident. They were both 18 two weeks away from graduating from high school. My son played football. In my darkest hour I reached for my bible and I asked God to help me...I randomly opened it and my eyes came upon this verse. It was as if God was talking to me. I prayed and asked God to help me get through this. At my son's viewing I touched him and at that moment I felt a chill go through my body and I was overwhelmingly happy...I actually felt joy! Not a tear I shed during the funeral. Forever thankful to God for that. The crosses and road markers on State Road 24 are a reminder of the worst day of my life and the other family...however I know they are in heaven and one day we will see each other again....Until then...I wish my son and his friend a happy eternal life...forever young...forever loved...forever in our hearts. Thank you.

- L.C. 08/05/2013 via Facebook

From Facebook:

I just wanted to thank you guys for everything you do. You guys saved my life, literally. Well you and Jesus. You see, my dad committed suicide 8 days after my 18th birthday and I fell into a really deep and dark hole. Its been a little over 3 months and it was really, really bad for awhile. You guys brought me out and made me realize how much God LOVES me. I'm getting better, thanks to Jesus. And I just wanted to say Thank you! I listen to you guys everyday and I hope you know how much you guys are impacting peoples lives. You all are amazing! Praying for all of you.

- Felicia, Florida


Dear Pulse,

My name is Randy. I am a lifelong Gainesville resident. (Go Gators.) Up to a few years ago, I was one of those lost souls out there. I didn't know where I was going. I was middle-aged with a dead end job, no love life what-so-ever. I felt that I was never going to be whole. I was just going to glide my way through life until I died. Then, a miracle. I was having a horrible day, and I turned on the radio. I heard a song called "Lose My Soul" by Toby Mac. In the song he says, "I'm trying to get somewhere... I'm trying to go get somewhere." That hooked me. Ever since, I started listening to the positive music you play. I started going to church. I tried out a few before I found my home. I met my wife there! We hope with the grace of God that we will have a child soon. And I can not imagine my life if I hadn't heard that song. It's station's like yours that give me hope for this world! Keep it up!!

-Randy, Gainesville, FL





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